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From farm to bowl.

The integrity our pets deserve.

Product quality and integrity are cornerstones of our business. That’s why we have robust procedures in place which ensure excellence across every product, every time.

Our sourcing policy, backed by comprehensive supplier auditing systems, allows us to to provide best-in-class “farm to bowl” traceability. We’re passionate about the transparency of our raw material supply chains because we know that clarity and openness are vital to true customer confidence.

The C&D laboratory.

Our well-equipped analytical labs are run by leading specialists in pet food science and product development. They are dynamic centres of innovation, where wide-ranging chemical, physical and microbiological tests are performed on raw materials, intermediates as well as the finished goods you’ll see on the shelf.

Our customers have direct access to chemists and pet food nutritionists, whose expertise and insights inform decision-making throughout the project lifecycle.

Quality assurance.

Our Quality Assurance Policy ensures we incorporate, develop and maintain products and service specifications to meet and exceed all our customers’ needs with regards to safety and legality. This is achieved by operating a Quality Assurance System in line with BRC Global Food Standard / IFS International Food Standard.

Read the C&D Foods Quality Assurance Policy here.


C&D Foods is part of ABP Food Group and we share a commitment to sustainability. We are working towards – and are on track to meet – the science-based targets we’ve set. With a focus on lean principles, we’re constantly enhancing our operations to deliver better value for our customers and to help them meet their green agendas.

Because we’re tuned in to the voices of our customers, as well as feedback from consumers, improved sustainability is a key objective across our business, as we work with our suppliers and partners to arrive at the forward-looking solutions that put people and planet first. To find out more about how C&D Foods is working towards a more sustainable future for the pet food industry, visit our CSR page.

Our commitment to sustainability

Quadruple Accreditation
We have received the Carbon Trust Quadruple Accreditation for our efforts to reduce CO2 emissions, waste and water consumption.
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less water consumption
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