Our values

We innovate

Feeding the future

Innovation designed to fuel growth.

As consumer trends develop, so do the requirements for pet foods. That’s why we’re always innovating to make sure we’re defining those trends and meeting the needs of our customers for today and tomorrow.

That innovation comes in many forms, from fresh product formulation to new packaging and manufacturing techniques. We deliver true value for our customers, leveraging the knowledge and expertise of our team, as well as research and testing from our dedicated, state-of-the-art nutrition and research centre.

Category development.

We pride ourselves in supporting our retail partners to drive growth across the category. That support comes from understanding our category, customers and shoppers through ad hoc data and research, coupled with continuous market auditing that delivers compelling, actionable insights.

Feeding trials.

We’re passionate about creating products pets love to eat. That’s why we do rigorous feeding trials, harnessing decades of experience to conduct effective product tests which yield meaningful, actionable insights. We offer a wide range of options, including in-house or independent panelling covering palatability, concept and messaging. This flexible approach allows us to deliver guidance and advice which aid decision-making and help you to offer products which tick the right nutritional boxes and keep pet owners purchasing time and again.

Speed to market.

One way the success of our business and R&D programme can be measured is by our time to market for new products. We know that quick turnarounds can make all the difference, so we handle each project efficiently, following a streamlined to-market process. Professionalism and transparency underpin our relationships with customers, and we utilise technology such as our in-house project management system to ensure you’re fully informed every step of the way.