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We’ve made our reputation working on numerous projects of significance across the UK and Europe. One notable example is our work with Continente on the Uppy Nutri and Uppy Natur brands.


With more than 500 corporate stores and franchise locations, Continente is Portugal’s largest supermarket. C&D Foods have been a supplier of pet food to the retailer for some time, providing a number of private label products.

Delivering strategic insights into market share opportunities and the pet food trends prevalent in Portugal and across Europe, we helped Continente to gain a deep understanding of the pet food and private brand pet food landscape in particular segments including natural ingredient-based pet food.

We were also able to highlight key trends and identify an opportunity to build on private label pet food sales with a bespoke premium pet food brand. Focusing on a higher quality product but with a price positioning between the super-premium and premium brands, offering Continente the potential to:

  • Drive sales growth in the pet food category
  • Increase market share of pet food
  • Create resilience in the pet food category against challenges from brands and non-grocery channels
  • Provide a diversified offer to customers
  • Provide high quality, premium pet food ranges that meet their customers needs

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Our products

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