Six reasons why Europe’s pet owners love 85g pet food cans

At C&D Foods, we pride ourselves on being at the forefront of pet food trends. Our commitment to market insights ensures that our customers can always provide pet owners with exactly what they – and their furry companions – need.

One trend that has been a key feature of the pet food market recently is the demand for 85g cans for both cats and dogs. But why is the 85g format gaining such popularity? The trends vary across Europe but here are some of the reasons why pet owners love an 85g can:



85g cans are ideal for single-serve portions, which offers convenience for pet owners. They simplify mealtimes with less mess and straightforward portion control. This format is especially beneficial for busy pet owners who are constantly on the go, and value hassle-free feeding. By eliminating the guesswork with pre-measured portions, owners can maintain their pets’ balanced diet while preventing overfeeding, opening a fresh can for every meal, which can then be washed and recycled.

Ideal for smaller furry friends

In many European countries, cats and small dog breeds are the most popular choice of pet for animals lovers, especially in the city. The 85g portion size is suited perfectly to these pets, providing an ideal amount of food for them without any waste. By choosing 85g, pet owners can easily manage their pets’ diets and ensure they are receiving freshly opened wet food at every meal.

Flavour variety

Many pet owners are increasingly treating their pets as family members – a trend more commonly known in the pet sector as ‘humanisation’. With the 85g format, they can easily switch between the various flavours that brands and retailers have to offer, turning mealtimes into a more enjoyable experience for their cat or dog. The variety not only keeps pets happy, but also caters to their nutritional needs by offering different tastes and ingredients.

Gourmet and premium appeal

The 85g portion size is perfect for premium food lines. These smaller portions are often associated with high quality ingredients and luxury choices, allowing pet owners to indulge their pets with a little taste of gourmet recipes. It’s the perfect way to introduce pets to premium nutrition without committing to larger quantities, or offering a healthy, nutritious treat to supplement dry food.

Hygiene and freshness

In warmer climates, the 85g format is particularly advantageous for pet owners. A single portion of wet food enables hygienic feeding routines, removing the need for refrigeration as well as the risk of attracting flies or producing odours if wet food is opened and left uncovered and/or unrefrigerated until the next meal. Keeping wet food fresh is crucial for maintaining the health and safety of pets and wet food is a good way to boost a pet’s hydration in hot weather.


Like any canned product, 85g pet food cans are recyclable. This means that 85g not only prevents food waste, but contributes to more sustainable packaging in the sector too.


Meeting the demand with investment and innovation

We’re as dedicated as ever to helping retailers and brands meet the diverse needs of pet owners. Our manufacturing capabilities across Europe include canned, dry, pouch, alutray, and sausage formats, enabling us to tailor recipes and formats for our customers.

And our commitment to this continues to grow, with a recent €48 million investment in a flagship facility at our Edgeworthstown facility in Ireland, which will expand our production capabilities by 25%. This investment not only expands our production capabilities; it also ensures we can continue to deliver the highest quality products for our customers as demand for our expertise grows.

By staying ahead of market trends and understanding the evolving preferences of pet owners, we ensure that our customers can deliver the very best pet food for their customers. The 85g pet food format is just one example of how we’re making a difference in the pet food industry, providing convenient, high-quality options that cater to the modern pet owner’s lifestyle and the health and wellbeing of their pets.