Our recipe for career opportunity in the pet food sector

At C&D Foods, our commitment to excellence extends way beyond our cat and dog food produce to the very people who make it all possible. Manufacturing consistently high-quality pet foods that your customers can rely on shop after shop, means building a team that is skilled, motivated and invested in doing the very best job possible, day after day. That’s why we believe that offering career and training opportunities to talented individuals on our team is an integral ingredient in our recipe for success.

Our Emerging Leaders programme is a great example of that principle. This comprehensive nine-month programme aims to fast-track talented individuals from within our business to prepare them for leadership roles, giving them the tools and insights to navigate their future paths, achieve their personal career ambitions and help C&D Foods achieve our company ambitions for quality, innovation and growth.

Ian Taylor, production manager at our Driffield dry food factory in the UK, has recently embarked on our Emerging Leaders programme after joining us just two and a half years ago as the factory planner, gradually also taking on responsibility for warehousing, logistics, customer service and process. Ian’s rapid rise through the ranks draws on his previous experience; he was no stranger to the manufacturing world before joining C&D Foods, with his first role in a factory starting when he was just 16! But it is his dedication and people-centred approach that have accelerated his career with us, along with his skills and knowledge.

Ian’s responsibilities at C&D Foods are multifaceted. As the Production Manager at Driffield, he oversees a team of 69 dedicated staff members, including four shift managers and two product specialists, ensuring the seamless execution of our operations. He also plays a pivotal role in managing training programmes across the Driffield site, making sure our workforce remains well-equipped and up to date with the latest industry standards.

Ian doesn’t just make sure we manufacture industry leading products at our Driffield factory; he also makes sure we do so safely. His role as Production Manager aligns with C&D Foods’ commitment to being safe, a core value that defines our everyday operations. He leads by example, instilling this necessity in the workers he is responsible for when training them and working on site.

Ian’s journey mirrors the many opportunities for growth that our company offers to those who demonstrate dedication and commitment. At his first Emerging Leaders programme session in Ireland, he will be joined by colleagues from across Europe and company departments at various stages in their careers, all of them chosen for their potential and in reward for their achievements.